Meet the Stavers

Ballet meets Ballroom

Together the Stavers offer comprehensive dance training that will elevate your dancing to a level of skill that is both satisfying and admirable!

*Edward Staver brings an extensive ballet background into the ballroom arena. His background includes San Francisco Ballet, Royal Winnepeg Ballet, Harkness, and American Ballet Theatre School in New York. During his professional ballet career as a principal dancer he toured with Ballet West, Oakland Ballet, Ballet Oregon, American Festival Ballet, Eugene Ballet, the Portland Opera, the New Orleans Opera, and the San Francisco Opera Ballet.

He is a “Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor” specializing in the American Smooth, as well as Rhythm styles of Ballroom. Ed is a Professional Dancer, and a PRO AM Teacher, recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). Classes with Ed will develop strength, balance, grace, posture and poise that will definitely improve your ballroom dancing. Private Lessons with Ed are customized for Absolute Beginners through Advanced and are definitely a very pleasant and supportive learning experience!

*Linda Staver brings a well-rounded background into the dance arena. Former owner of a performing arts school for many years, she coached tap, jazz, and ballet for competition. During which time she studied with Luigi, Thommie Walsh, Danny Hoctor, & Joe Tremaine.

Linda’s extensive Ballroom training brings a high level of expertise to this area. She had the opportunity of training with many of the best coaches and dancers in America and the World, including Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova, Ron Montez, Heather Smith, Victor Veyrasset, Janell Maranto, Toni Redpath, Luca and Lorraine Barucchi, and Olga Foraponova. She is a Certified Ballroom Dance Teacher, a Professional Dancer, a PRO AM Teacher, and a Ballroom Adjudicator recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). As the Director of the Oregon Ballroom Dance Instructors College, Linda provides specialized training in programs for Students to become Certified Teachers, and programs for those who are already teaching to prepare for their National Exam to become “Certified“- (Certification recognized by the NDCA). Linda Staver is also a Ballroom Event Organizer. She is the CEO of Staver Productions, LLC, and the Former Organizer of the San Francisco Autumn Dance Classic (an NDCA sanctioned Competition).

Private Lessons with Linda are customized for individual needs and will help you develop technique and style based on nationally recognized syllabus for social dancing or competitive dance training, and Teacher Training. Group Classes with Linda are supportive, fun, and designed for developing good Lead and Follow skills.

The Teaching Staff at StaverDanceSport are Certified Instructors bringing you qualified technical and professional instruction based on nationally recognized syllabii through DVIDA and the ISTD. Training is available at StaverDanceSport for all phases of social dancing, competitive dancing, and performance showcases.