Choose from 2 – 20 LESSON HOURS,
(PLUS 3-5 HOURS CHOREOGRAPHY DESIGN if you want a set routine.)
In this program you can choose to do a romantic custom choreographed masterpiece or you can just learn to dance comfortably together for your first dance.

Choose 2 of the following dances that are most popular for weddings. Learn 5 patterns in each or choose one dance for that first dance choreography:

* Waltz * Fox Trot
* Tango * Rumba
* Cha-Cha * East Coast Swing
* Night Club Two Step

Your WEDDING DANCE Plans are an important aspect of planning ahead for this wonderful occasion. We customize your dance experience for your wedding! Gain confidence and comfort through professional instruction and choreography that reflects the personalities of the Bride and Groom. Call Linda for your “free consultation”.

A wonderful wedding with romantic choregraphy.
The Romance of your First Dance –
A Moment to Remember!

—–for the Bride and Father
—–for the Groom and Mother

*Private Instruction for the Bride & Groom
*Wedding Workshops for You and Your Wedding Party
*Private Instruction

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