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Waltz 1

Tuesday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Waltz is a foundation to all of our social dancing..... It's as easy to learn as 1-2-3...
If you want to learn how to dance, a Waltz class is the Best place to start...

Waltz 1
For beginners - Waltz 1 is an introductory class for the basics of this beautiful slow dance. Learn how to move confidently with grace and poise. Learn correct technique for "rise and fall", the characteristic styling of Waltz. Learn how to implement "sway", the technique that makes you look and feel like you're floating smoothly across the floor. And, most important of all, learn about frame and connection, the mysterious formula for lead and follow skills. Learn the basics to this traditional smooth ballroom dance. Focus is on lead and follow skills, proper technique, and patterns that will travel around the dance floor. Develop confidence dancing with a partner so you look good and feel comfortable on the dance floor. Instructor: Ed Staver
Tu 7-8p $48/ 4 Weeks